Appendix: Troubleshooting

Submitted by Tim on Fri, 05/25/2007 - 13:34

The graphical interface fails to start

This is probably due to your video card not being properly detected. You may need to search the internet to find out if your video card is supported by, and which is the right module (driver) for it. Note also that some NVidia and ATI cards need proprietary drivers to work with 3D acceleration, which you will need to install once the system is running.

Normally, after X setup has failed you will get a screen telling you that X failed to start and the option to view the error logs. Look for the lines marked 'E' - copy them out verbatim in case you need to search the internet for further clues. can be reconfigured from the command line; you will need to log in as root, using the password you chose during installation. If your system is really wedged, you may need to reboot into rescue mode from the GRUB boot screen in order to do this. From the root prompt (#); issue this command:

# dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

The configuration file is located at /etc/X11/xorg.conf - read this file well, you will probably need to modify it manually at some point. Also remember that if something has been modified manually you will then need to run the following commands in order to prevent your changes from being automatically overwritten by dpkg-reconfigure:

# cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.custom
# sudo sh -c 'md5sum /etc/X11/xorg.conf > /var/lib/xfree86/xorg.conf.md5sum'
# sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

64 Studio cannot detect my DVD or SATA drives

This can happen with some DVD/RW drives and SATA hard disks. Check the settings in your BIOS; some people have found setting the SATA mode to "enhanced" instead of "auto" helped. Some BIOSes can be set to auto-detect your disks, you may also find setting the second IDE to "auto" rather than "CDROM" helps with DVD drives.


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Graphical interface not starting
As Tim has pointed out, it is most likely that your card is either not supported, or you have the incorrect driver module loaded for it at the moment. Luckily, most graphics cards support the universal VESA standard, and you can get your X11 started by doing the following: Choose "Single user mode" when booting It asks for a root password. You are now logged into a root terminal on your 64Studio box. #> editor /etc/X11/xorg.conf This opens a text editor. Now look for the section "Device". In this section you will find a line - Driver "your_driver" Change the driver in that line to "vesa" Now hit Ctrl-X and "y" to save the file. Reboot with #> shutdown -r now That should do it. Now you can at least look for the driver in a GUI environment...
Posted by Quentin Harley on Fri, 06/29/2007 - 06:59
Network Name resolution (DNS) issues
Ok you might be having problems with a very slow internet connection where the browser says "Looking for (site name)" in the lower left corner and hangs there, sometimes even getting a "time out" error. This typically means you have a problem that a Domain Name Service server (or DNS) cannot be found or not found in an effecient manner. This server is responsible for translating that name you typed into an IP address so sites can be found by the machine. In gnome under "Desktop/administration/network" there is a DNS tab to set this however you may have to reenter the address after reboot which can be aggrivating as well. Daniel has given me a wonderful work around that isn't to hard to do at all. First you need to contact your ISP's tech support and ask for the DNS server's address you need. Most of them have it either on thier sites or happy to give you that information or you can find public use DNS servers on the internet like Keep that address handy. Well open a terminal and type this command: sudo gedit /etc/dhclient.conf Give a root password and a file will come up to be edited. In this file find the line that looks like this: #prepend domain-name-servers; Ok first remove the "#" at the beginning which is uncommenting the line so it can be used by the system. Then change the "" address to the one you have for a DNS server(keep the semicolon at the end it is needed). Then save and reboot. You can check your DNS tab in networking again and it should have already added the address to the top of the list and you now should have quick name resolution.
Posted by Nate on Sun, 07/29/2007 - 23:15
64Studio freezes during bootup and shutdown/restart
Installation on my HP dv9057ea notebook went ridiculously well. Since I wanted to get rid of M$ code on my baby I just formatted both HDs and installed 64studio – as simple as that. The only 2 drawbacks so far are: •) I can't seem to get WLAN working on my machine (not able to connect to the network;); but I'll dive into that myself. Since I'm absolutely n00b to Linux this seems as good a way as any to wrap my head around GNU/Linux. •) and the important one: 3 out of 5 times 64studio freezes during bootup. The last info I'm able to get by pressing F2 during bootup is "Setting system clock...". Then the whole thing freezes. Completely. EVERY time I shutdown or restart my Laptop (through the GUI menu) it starts to shut down. Freeze occurs invariably at "Saving system clock..." Just the power button left to complete shotdown. Not the healthy style I suppose. There are a number of posts on the net dealing with this problem – as far as I can see (and that's not very far at all) this issue is entirely Laptop-related. But there seems to be no solution to this. Anyone here having similar issues? And, likewise: Anyone solved this? Help very much appreciated! Sincerely, MrsColumbo
Posted by MrsColumbo on Fri, 01/11/2008 - 12:07
Graphical interface not starting
I had the same problem running on my computer. It has an ASUS M2A-VM AM2 motherboard and an AM2 +5000 with 2Gb ram, 320Gb motherboard and built in Radeon 1250SE graphics, which will soon be upgraded. Since I had no internet either, Lynx not being provided in the base system, I was FUBAR'd quite throughly. Since then, I've reinstalled XP-64 and installed under VMware. Still had the X window problem; but, at least I could connect to the internet via Windows and find the solution. Thanks.
Posted by waltjones40 on Sun, 08/31/2008 - 21:53
This may be due to some
This may be due to some problem in the compatibility of the system or may be any step not done properly which causing problem to commence it. 70-290 - 642-812
Posted by mmark on Fri, 05/08/2009 - 12:05