3.0 release request for mac pro install

  • BabaG
Posted: Fri, 03/13/2009 - 19:56
have just had first success installing 64studio beta 3 on my intel mac pro. have not tried anything yet but have had some issue with the installer. it would be very helpful, especially since the distro is now using an ubuntu base, if the grub location options were included in the installer as they are with the standard ubuntu installer. in order to get this all to work on my mac pro, i've had to follow some very specific procedures. one involves placing grub on the linux partition. if i did so in a test ubuntu install, everything went ok. if i didn't, the windows partition was corrupted and ubuntu wouldn't boot. if i did place grub on the linux partition, using refit, i get three icons for my boot screen: one for osx, one for ubuntu, one for windows. each icon selects and boots directly to its associated os. with the 64studio 3.0 beta 3 installer the way it is, under refit i get the same three icons: osx, 64studio, windows. if i select the 64studio icon the boot fails. it freezes at tux. if i select the windows icon, i get a grub screen and another selection choice: various 64studio options, windows. it would be much simpler and nicer to be able to use the refit screen as intended and bypass the double selections (refit, grub). i think all that is necessary to do this is to go back to the grub install options as they are in the ubuntu installation process. will post a mac pro how-to later. would like to see if this gets resolved first, though. thanks, BabaG