Dual HDD Laptop?

  • zak89
Posted: Tue, 03/17/2009 - 16:25
Does anyone know where I can find a laptop with an option for dual hard drives? Dell used to have an option on some of their higher end laptops for a second drive, but it has been replaced with more generic "2x250GB" options. Since I need at least one of the drives to be at least 7200RPM, those options don't work well for me (unless one of the 2x___ options features the faster drives, which Dell's doesn't). Ideally I would like to find a laptop that had the option of two separate drives, so I could have a slower 5400RPM system drive and a faster drive for recording, rather than having two of the "hungrier" 7200RPM drives. I have found that a separate recording drive leads to much more stability when recording multi-track audio. On the other hand, would a SSD have the same limitations as a HDD for recording (namely, the problem with running your OS on the same disk you are recording to)? IE, would the need for a second drive be irrelevant on an SSD?


  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Tue, 03/17/2009 - 19:27
SSD would make the seek time redundant. Seek time is the main time waster on a drive, so I believe SSD should do fine. You main problem would be data transfer rate, and if the transfer rate is below the rate specified for the drive, all should be ok. my 2c