• Pablo
Posted: Sun, 03/22/2009 - 21:57
Brasero is a good tool for copying CD's and DVD's. But for some strange reason, it does not work OOTB, at least for me. The trick is that you need "libburn4". (I have only tested for CD copying) Cheers! Pablo

Can't get k9copy, DeVeDe,

  • BubbaBlues
  • 05/03/09
  • Sun, 05/03/2009 - 04:43
Can't get k9copy, DeVeDe, Brasero, pretty much anything I need. Lots of stuff here I don't need though.

hmmm I don't even have

  • BubbaBlues
  • 05/03/09
  • Sun, 05/03/2009 - 04:41
hmmm I don't even have Brasero. I'd like to but it isn't in the repositories and I can't seem to find it.