how to enable all audio i/o in jack

  • dreerozz
Posted: Mon, 03/23/2009 - 11:59
hi, all I've been using 64studio for couple months. Everything work ok So far. My soundcard detected and running. Its a Layla 3G. It has 8 analog i/o and 8 digital Adat i/o. I formerly use windows. in windows there's no differences wether it's analog or digital. windows see all of my layla i/o as 8 stereo audio hardware. it's different in linux. Jack only see 8 analog OR 8 digital i/o (named hw0:0 and hw0:1 respectively). I admit I haven't done much tweaking. But Alsa see all of my layla i/o. Can jack configured so Ardour can use all of my soundcard I/O? This is a good Linux audio distro though. I'm very newbie to linux. my first introduction to linux was with ubuntu 8.10, then through ubuntu studio. ubuntu studio doesn't recognize my soundcard at all. everything run smoothly with 64studio. even my tv tuner card, old pixelview bt878 is recognized. although 64studio doesn't come with tv tuner application. can somebody tell me how configure jack to use all of my soundcard i/o? or it is within alsa? sorry for my poor english. thanks in advance.

Echo Digital Gina 3G

  • Gimel
  • 04/22/09
  • Sat, 04/25/2009 - 03:18
I want to try 64 Studio. I have a new 64 bit computer with a Intel quad. Can I try it with a live dvd? And my Gina 3G? Sincerely Juan

Hi! If you don't find an

  • Pablo
  • 07/11/07
  • Fri, 04/03/2009 - 21:48
Hi! If you don't find an answer here, you can try at Linux audio users mailing list. They know. I see good reports about your device working with Linux. (google). Cheers! Pablo.