Extra SATA drive-Best way to utilize?

  • picothinker
Posted: Tue, 03/24/2009 - 01:57
I'm running 64 Studio testing, with everything fairly up to date. My PC hardware is not latest and greatest, but very adequate for what I do (mostly Ardour). It is a dual-core AMD 4200 with 2 gig of RAM, and several drives. I run Jack at 2.18 ms latency, but have an IRQ conflict that I know I need to sort out, I get some x-runs. I got an additional SATA drive, and wonder what the collective wisdom thinks is the best way to use it for better performance. Here is the current drive layout: 80 gig IDE for / (includes swap) 320 gig SATA for /home 320 gig SATA for /data (where the music goes) Replacing the 80 gig IDE with the SATA will obviously help with OS-specific stuff. However, I remember reading about an option in Ardour for a sort of software RAID, where you can specify two drives for each project to go on. In reading about this in recent years, it seems it was deprecated. Adding the extra SATA as a data2 directory would surely help if I could get that going. Doing real RAID is an option, but one that I don't look forward to. My network connection is dialup, and re-installing and re-updating everything is not a pleasant thought. Suggestions?

I think you should choice

  • tom64pc
  • 07/08/09
  • Wed, 07/08/2009 - 06:30
I think you should choice RAID, it is good option, re-installing and re-updating ? you can use image for win, tired of wasting a lot of time and energy to reinstall your operating system when it occurred serious error again and again.