Bug with jack-transport?

  • youki
Posted: Tue, 03/24/2009 - 17:33
Hi. I'm using 64studio 3.0 beta3 I was recording from Hydrogen to Ardour today using jack-transport. When a track is recorded i'm trying to put back the play-head at the begining of the tracks clicking on the "back at the begining button" to record another track, but it doesn't want to move back. I have to put it on "internal" instead of "jack", then to put back the play-head, and then to use again "jack" instead of "internal". The problem doesn't come from Ardour, i installed a compiled version by myself and it makes the same. Is it coming from hydrogen or jack-transport? Do anyone else have the same problem? Sorry if i'm not so clear due to my incorrect english. Thanx.

For sure it doesn't come

  • youki
  • 12/29/07
  • Sun, 03/29/2009 - 15:00
For sure it doesn't come from Ardour cause i have the same problem with Ardour 2.8. Well, nobody else tried with 64 studio 3.0? Nobody have an answer about how to fix it? Sorry picothinker, i didn't try the SVN version of Hydrogen, i can't help.

I am having the same problem,

  • picothinker
  • 08/22/07
  • Wed, 03/25/2009 - 17:59
except that it was syncing Ardour and Rosegarden. I am not sure what combination of settings made this happen, because it used to work OK. It is an older version of Ardour, 2.4.1 I am having a problem with Hydrogen, also. I built the latest from SVN, and even though I had "jack=1", I can not seem to find "Jack Transport", or whatever the button is named to sync to Jack. It used to be right there on main window near the tempo box. Has this been moved, or did I not get it built correctly?