64studio beta3.0 In Left channel a click is heard.

  • amadeus
Posted: Tue, 04/07/2009 - 22:31
Hello all, I hear a click sound in my left channel, I didn't notice this before, until now, I'm using 64studio beta 3.0 with hardy. The other day I decided that I should use my headphones, but when I went to listen to ardour, I heard a click sound on play and stop, so I checked this out, its system wide, Jack and alsa, I'm using the sound driver for my Audigy SE card ca0106, I have read this forum and others, but I can't find my exact problem, so I completly unintalled 64studio today, and then a fresh install of the same disk, I checked out the sound after install, its still there, so I narrowed that down to its 64studio. I have also done a upgrade from repos ( thats just normal), just to be up to date, what could this be? Alsa channel has no clue, Ubuntu channel doesn't either, it does this even when I type aplay somefile.wav, audacity etc. I don't know what else to say but its very distracting, and its not in my recordings thank goodness, Its a play back thing only. One could appreciate this if you heard it in lmms, everytime a sample is played there is this annoying click or light pop sound, however I can hear the sounds fine, its like play a sample (Left channel) pop start sample > sample end Pop weird. Its at the first and end of a sound like if I press the play button I hear the light pop and then I stop the sound I hear a light pop. Thanks all.


  • alex stone
  • 11/30/07
  • Wed, 04/08/2009 - 01:09
No pop here Amadeus. Delta 44 soundcard, with Alsa 1.0.19, and Jack2 1.9.3. Quite the contrary, i have the cleanest sound i've experienced with any distro. Alex.

click in both channels

  • amadeus
  • 03/14/09
  • Wed, 04/08/2009 - 06:00
Hello alex stone, Yes its a click and today I noticed its in both channels *sigh* if anyone knows how to diagnose this, I would be most greatful, this doesn't happen in Archlinux, and I don't think this happened in the Etch 64studio, i'm sure its fixable, at least I hope, thanks again.