Changing my graphics resolution

  • johne53
Posted: Wed, 04/22/2009 - 18:09
I'm using a Matrox graphics card (in dual-head mode). My LH monitor runs at 1600x1200 and my RH monitor is 1200x1024. I need to make a high quality screenshot so I'd like to temporarily reduce the resolution of (at least) the LH monitor to say, 1024x768. This should ensure that the windows displayed in my screenshot will be as large as possible. I've tried making the screenshot at hi-res, then croppiing the image and resizing but I end up with a fuzzy, unsharp image. I think the key to success is to make the screenshot at approximately the size I eventually want it to be. 64studio won't let me make run time changes to my display preferences. It just tells me that my X Server doesn't support the XRandR extension that would be needed to achieve this. Because of that, I'm assuming I'll need to manually edit a file somewhere. I looked in the most obvious place (xorg.conf) but I couldn't see any setting I could change (in fact, I can't see anything in xorg.conf that would tell each display what mode to run in). Am I looking in the wrong file?