Cant Install GuestAdditions

  • GizmoGorilla
Posted: Wed, 04/29/2009 - 12:39
Hi All, Im just getting into the world of linux and virtual machines so Im pretty new at this. I used to work with protools as a hobby years ago on windows, and I also used to run Linux many years ago when it wasnt as friendly as it is these days. Im looking to get back into music again using linux this time. 64studio, so far, seems to be the way to go so Ive decided to give it a shot. Im running VirtualBox 2.2 and have installed the latest 64studio iso without problem, until I tried to install the virtualbox guestAdditions. When I tried to do so, I got an error saying opengl was not installed, therefore guestAdditions would not be installed. Using the package manager I searched for opengl and found many entries so Im not sure which to choose to install opengl. I did not see anything in this forum regarding this so if I missed it please excuse me. What should I be installing? I also would like to install compiz and have the cube desktop. Is that a straight forward install from the package manager? And finally, in my protools days, hyperthreading had to be turned off for PT to run stable. I've noticed a few references to lockups in 64studio citing hyperthreading as the cause. Should I turn that off? Sorry bout all the questions. Looking forward to getting a music setup again.... THANKS! :) Norm Im running XP VBox 2.2 Intel Pentium IV 3.0Ghz 3G Memory