Kernel2.6.26-1 wifi atheros problem

  • madforthenet
Posted: Wed, 04/29/2009 - 14:16
Hi guys . I have tried to install kernel 2.6.26-1 and related package headers, etc... and it seems more stable than last, but I have a problem with my wifi pci card. It's a d-link dwa-547 based on atheros 5008 ( ar5416-ar5133) 802.11abgn supported by kernel 2.6.29 . It's impossible for me load any driver for this. I have tried with madwifi and ndiswrapper follow tutorial and guide on ubuntu wiki for hardy. madwifi it's impossible to install from repo cause unrsolve dependencies and if I compile form source systemm return me error during compil. ndiswrapper: I can install it from repo, load driver ok but follw command : ndiswrapper -l show driver correctly installed sudo depmod -a run ok sudo modprobe ndiswrapper tell "not found ndiswrapper module Now I don't know what should be the problem and its solution. I have installed 2.6.26 kernel because is more stable and to install nvidia driver and to solve problem of "blinking screnn" with kernel 2.6.29 if possible, but if wifi not work I'll must use new unstalble kenrnel , because I use always wifi connection. Someone has idea or soution for this problem ? Bye Guido

No good news

  • madforthenet
  • 03/10/09
  • Thu, 04/30/2009 - 09:09
Hi guys I have tried to repeat ervery passage more and more times but no good result. Isn't anyone can help me ? I need 3D and wifi in same time and I don't know how to do. THanks in advance Bye Guido