Touchpad not working correctly

  • contractcooker
Posted: Fri, 05/01/2009 - 14:32
Hey all, I'm trying to get my touchpad to work correctly on my macbook pro. I went to the mactel ppa site and put deb hardy main and deb-src hardy main into my synaptic repository. When I filtered by origin the ppa only shows up with one package which seems odd to me since there are about 15 listed on the mactell ppa site ( So, I have a couple of questions. * If I find a linux distro that works with my touchpad (ubuntu desktop 8.10 for example) can I simply copy a portion of my /etc/X11/xorg.conf from ubuntu into 64studio to get the touchpad working the same way? * If I use third party repositories like the mactel ppa repo that were designed for hardy how compatible are they with 64studio? I'm guessing that most packages from repos like this should work without a problem. * Does anyone have an idea why I'm not seeing all the packages from the repository? What would cause only one package to show up? Thanks tb PS When I tried to add the GPG key file to authenticate the mactel ppa I saved a copy of the key with nano to my desktop. But when I try to import it into synaptic nothing happens. I don't get an error when I submit but the key is also not added. This is a really minor issue but I was wondering if there is some "trick" I don't know about to get the GPG keys for third party repos to install correctly.