No audio after update

  • cinder
Posted: Wed, 05/06/2009 - 06:34
I'm running 64studio 2.1 i386 testing. I can't get any audio in or out of my M-Audio 2496 any more after updating with Synaptic. Envy24 won't start. Other ausio aps run but I can't hear any thing. Things have runnung fine until now. My sources.list is completely commented out, but I have 64studio testing, Debian security, Debian oldstable, and Debian Multi-Media old stable active in Synaptic repositories. I have 64studio selected as preferred distrobution in preferences but some packages have upograded to Debian etch versoions higher than the 64studio packages, like libc6. I've tried forcing back to 64 studio versions which removed lots. Are the regular Debian and Debian-Multimedia packages incompatible with 64studio? Would upgrading to 64studio 3.0 help? The system is working otherwise. I don't know what to do