come back fluidsynth!

  • doogy_64
Posted: Wed, 05/13/2009 - 08:55
Hi there I must be missing something, hopefully just one tiny step! Since moving to 64studio 3 I have been unable to see fluidsynth in RoseGarden in the same way I could under 2.1. I'm not saying this is an issue with 3.0 as quite frankly everything else, rocks!! Most likely, noob syndrome!! When I left-click an empty track, choose "synth plugin", then go to "Instrument Parameters" and click "no synth", I used to be able to choose Fluidsynth from the drop-down list. Now I only see Oscilloscope, wsynth, xsynth, hexter and nekobee. I know I can create other instances in qsynth for each soundfont but I find the disadvantage with this is that the same set of soundfonts is used for each new rosegarden song I work on i.e. each time Qsynth opens the same soundfonts are used for each instance - sometimes I have to manually force it to find the correct soundfont by opening the channels tab - a lot of flaffing about! I'd rather use the other method. Could someone please point me in the right direction to help get Fluidsynth added as a plugin again in RG ?? Many thanks for any help! Rich