PDK - Components with multiple packages references

  • ttoine
Posted: Sun, 05/31/2009 - 22:55
Quentin, As 64 Studio 3 is based on Hardy, I am still playing a bit with it, seeing how I can tweak it a bit so it would be the more up to date as possible (using some ppa and medibuntu) before doing a howto and perhaps a script to convert a Ubuntu Hardy install to 64 Studio. In parallel, as you suggested, I am playing with the pdk tool to build a "custom" installation cd or dvd, depending on the size of the iso. I can't find a place on the forum about PDK, so I post my questions here. Feel free to move this post at the good place if necessary. I have a first question about components. As it is pointed on the track wiki, this section is not very up to date. And I would like to have an example of a component before "resolve" with multiple packages references in order to create a kind of "audio.xml", a "video.xml", etc... to make a more complete install cd than on the wiki example. Can you copy paste on the forum something, or provide me a link to a file? Second question, more simple, is it possible with PDK to create a live installation cd, like Ubuntu is providing, with an install icon on the desktop? Toine