64 Studio not detecting my display hardware

  • mjpatey
Posted: Thu, 06/04/2009 - 02:22
Hi, all- I have on-board nVidia 8200 graphics and a Dell 198WFP widescreen monitor. All my previous experience in achieving my monitor's native resolution has been while using Ubuntu and some of its derivatives. Generally, all I have to do is install the proprietary driver and all's well... Ubuntu actually pops up a dialog by default asking if I want to install it. It can also be installed by clicking on System --> Administration --> Hardware Drivers. In 64 Studio, I can't seem to make any of that work. When I go to Hardware Drivers, all it says is that there are no proprietary drivers in use. During boot, I get a warning that we've fallen back to low graphics mode. When I click "Configure", I'm presented with a 2-tabbed dialog to select my graphics card and monitor. I've tried every combination of proprietary / open source nVidia driver with the Dell 198WFP monitor (including selecting widescreen and not), and nothing works. Is there some extra step that I'm missing? It's really hard to even troubleshoot at 800 x 600. I'm spoiled, I guess! Thanks for any insight you may have. -Mark