update Rosegarden

  • tCzerny
Posted: Sun, 06/14/2009 - 18:18
64Studio vers.2.1 includes Rosegarden 1.7.1 and I want to install Rosegarden 1.7.3 with hopes it would not crash all the time like 1.7.1 does. I downloaded the source code for RG, ran cmake, and it reports KDE3 headers are missing. Also KDE3 core library, KDE3 dcopidl preprocessor and KDE3 dcopidl2cpp preprocessor. I was looking into Synaptic Manager and could not really identify what I need. Should I install the complete KDE packages along with the dev files? Please let me know how to do this. BTW, Lilypond doesn't work printing from Rosegarden, although is is installed. Thanks, Thomas