borders of windows

  • machiel
Posted: Wed, 07/01/2009 - 09:50
I don´t know if I am in in the correct forum, but I would like to know how I could configure the look and feel of the windows (in general: the "explorer window", the web browser, etc..). Especially the borders of these windows. For instance, when I want to change the size of a window by means of the mouse, the border is so thin, that putting the mouse on the border and drag is rather difficult. More often than not, instead of dragging the border, I end up clicking on a window underneath without wanting to. Cheers, Machiel

Re: borders of windows

  • Pablo
  • 07/11/07
  • Tue, 07/07/2009 - 16:47
Hi Machiel, In gnome (the 64studio's default desktop environment) you can choose different themes by right-cicking on the desktop and choosing "change desktop background". From there you can choose other themes with maybe clearer and thicker window borders. Also take a look at : It seems you are not the only one who don't want to suffer from tendinitis! Jokes aside, you can [ALT] + Middle button and resize from whatever position. Cheers! Pablo

well, this depends on your

  • capoeira
  • 05/01/09
  • Mon, 07/06/2009 - 14:56
well, this depends on your window-manager its easy to do in gnome i don't know

Apparantly there is no way?

  • machiel
  • 07/01/09
  • Mon, 07/06/2009 - 13:48
Apparantly there is no way? In that case, I would strongly advice the developers to make the windows more user-friendly. This way, it really for me is a reason not to use 64 studio anymore in order to avoid tendinitis.