Installing 64studio again

Submitted by Tim on Sun, 07/26/2009 - 22:11

I'm going to re-install 64 Studio on my old music box. It hasn't been online for a couple of months and I discovered that the ethernet card wasn't being recognised for some reason. I tried various things to no avail, then thought about the fact that this computer has been moved several times since I was last online and I wondered if the card was loose or something. So I took the side of the box and relocated the network card to another slot and guess what? It worked! Don't ask me why. I have had a good look at my over-complex partitioning scheme and I'm determined to simplify it. I reckon I shall blow away 8 pointless partitions on /dev/hda and replace them with: / - 1GB, /usr - 12GB, /tmp - 1GB, /var - 3GB, and the rest for data. This is slightly more than the normal recommendations - I'm fed up with upgrades failing because of running out of space for new kernels or because dpkg doesn't have enough space to process all the packages in the upgrade. I've got 160GB of Hard drive on this machine, there really shouldn't be any cause for running out of room! OK, so I've downloaded the DVD image and I'm preparing to burn it to disc. I suppose I'd better check the md5sum like I always do *cough*. # md5sum 64studio_3.0-beta3_i386.iso e3f5bec3143d144c8153caf78f3e35e6 64studio_3.0-beta3_i386.iso # cat 64studio_3.0-beta3_i386.iso.md5sum e3f5bec3143d144c8153caf78f3e35e6 64studio_3.0-beta3_i386.iso Because I'm using Linux and I don't trust most applications, I'm going to try the command-line method which I found at this suggests a command line like: # growisofs -Z /dev/scd1=image.iso That translates on my system to: # growisofs -Z /dev/hdc=64studio_3.0-beta3_i386.iso That produced lots of reassuring output and did the job pretty fast. Too fast, I'm already suspicious. Finding out whether the DVD works is going to require a reboot, so I'll report back in a bit. Sorry about the formatting, I'm tired.