Configuring 64 Studio 3.0

Submitted by Tim on Mon, 07/27/2009 - 21:11

Just to complete this installation blog, I have made some notes about some of the bits that will need updating in the Manual. Gone from the Desktop are the Computer, Home folder and Wastebasket icons. I'll have to change the picture under Selections and Icons then. Need to add 'Education - Ear training' to the Applications menu and 'Other' - not quite sure how to describe those applications, Sound recorder is fairly obvious I suppose. 'Desktop' is now called 'System' and 'Lock Screen'. 'Logout' and 'Lock Screen' are all rolled into 'Quit'. System > Administration: add Authorizations (are my language settings correct - that's the American spelling) and Hardware drivers. Shared Folders has gone, Software Properties has been renamed to Software Sources. Add Synaptic Package Manager.

I'll have to reword all the bits that say: 'You will be prompted for the root password'. My network worked immediately, so I don't need to bother with the network configuration.

Services: why is alsa-utils disabled by default? I'm turning it on and turning off the printer OK?
I'm not going to install too much new software yet. I'm ony using this box for music, so I may not need much else.

Gnome Desktop Preferences

This lot need [new] screenshots:
About Me
Appearance (was Theme) [new]
Accessibility has changed to Assistive technologies. [new]
Keyboard [new]
Keyboard Shortcuts
Mouse [new]
Network Proxy
Power Management [new]
Preferred Applications [new]
Remote Desktop [new]
Removable Drives and media [new]
Screen Resolution [new]
Screensaver [new]
Sessions [new]
Sound [new]

As svenoxtoby commented, some information about changing file associations would be useful.
Email & Web - we're using Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird now. [new screenshots].

I'll want to edit my menus so I did
# apt-get install alacarte
And now when I right-click on the foot icon and select 'Edit Menus' I get Alacarte, with the full range of options. Oh goody, I can enable the Debian menu now. Or at least I could if it had anything in it. Curious.
Multimedia codecs: Hmm, does this section need to be in here anymore? Certainly shouldn't be advising users to add to the repositories.