Building a Debian Lenny based distro

  • cryotank
Posted: Tue, 08/04/2009 - 11:48
Fellows, I'm interested in building a custom debian distro using PDK which seems to be an excellent tool towards my goal. Despites finding good information in the PDK Tool page in the 64studio web site, I was unable to do it properly. In fact, I got some of questions regarding the process: - Did somebody got it working fine in Debian Lenny stable? I understood that I have to prepare the channels, the components (using the sample makefile with my distro package names), the blob files... and what else? - How do I create "blob" files? - Should I use local components as in the sample directory I tried to rebuild the .xml's using the current Makefile pointing to debian mirrors. Only a few xml's have built fine, others not. Usually I'm getting the following error message, after typing "make": pdk ERROR: Operation cannot be performed: could not find md5:0bf9afd6d8e01c1c463b11192559554b in any channel make: *** [download] Error 4 My current channels.xml: apt-deb lenny main contrib i386 amd64 source 100 Thanks for any help! Jean