New 3.0 Install, Upgrade, No RT Kernel

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Posted: Mon, 08/17/2009 - 00:58
Hi I did a fresh 3.0 install of beta 3, updated using stock repos and now after rebooting I see its using a multimedia kernel. How does one use the latest recommended RT kernel with 3.0 beta 3 and why isn't this in the iso? I tried reading the backport thread but its confusing because it says at the top it is no longer needed but maybe Quentin's apt repo is? Could that forum thread be removed, replaced and locked with official info? What are the exact steps to get in sync with what others are testing with that doesn't have old and conflicting information? I want to use a standard setup as of beta3... I think the problem I had previously with 3.0b3 was that I was not using the RT kernel! Am I dumb or what???? Thanks, jonathan adams leonard


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  • 08/21/07
  • Thu, 08/20/2009 - 04:05
HI Quentin thanks for the info and thanks for the kernel as well...I just finished another install using the above steps on this same laptop but now I have XP on another partition for comparison's sake with RME devices. Have to say the 3b3 install media in the disk section would not even SEE any partitions already there. Kept selecting manual and it kicks me back to guided in a loop. Not cool. I had to use unetbootin super grub disk .exe for windows to restore grub after the XP install...none of the command line stuff from a live cd worked invalid device every time so no clue. But the unetbootin from windows is some slick stuff I have to say...wham bam it did what sudo grub and grub-install couldn't get done. Rebooted into windows mbr with new entry, selected, and then entered dummy mode interactive to select the right stage1. It worked! Got in and started setting up the new system...totally nonlinear and not making sense but practice makes perfect! The 3b3 installer is not perfect. The partman section totally bombed for me. I would select the (go back) to DHCP and it would show me 1 partition for the partman That section of the installer refused to show me any partition detail. Every time manual was selected it returned the same menu! Did Microsoft write that section of the installer? ;) Anyhow I have a dual boot setup now with the RT kernel. Happy happy! :) jonathan adams leonard


  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Mon, 08/17/2009 - 20:30
Hi Jonathan, Officially the kernel that comes with the 3beta3 release is the recommended one to use. It is a multimedia kernel, and should allow you to do most of what you want to do. The only limitation the amd64 version of the kernel has, is that is has been compiled with the new firewire stack, which is not supported by FFADO or freebob hardware driver, and my video camera's raw DV drivers yet. For this reason I build a couple of kernels, of which I shared the rt11 and rt13 versions on my personal repositories, to alleviate this little problem. It has some other minor issues though. I am using the 2.6.26 RT i386 kernel on my laptop, and my rt13 kernel on my main system with great results. Cheers, Quentin

Linux 64studio

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  • 08/21/07
  • Mon, 08/17/2009 - 18:04
Hi, I guess I suffer from lack of confidence. I re-read the backport thread multiple times trying to piece together what to do, today, and also of course Dave's cool posts regarding kernel testing. Too bad it takes so much detective work. Anyhow, I looked at the content of Quentin's repo and could see that there is an image, some headers and some source. In the 64ST main repo there is the linux-Kbuild package for .29 that is referred to in the backport thread. Problem is I don't even know what 'backport' means. These are the steps I followed from beta 3 iso that seem to work: * Iso Install * upgrade * uninstall gnash * install flash-nonfree * install WICD 1.6.2 (replaces network manager for wired and wireless mgmt) * install libwine-alsa (duh) * regsvr32 wineasio.dll * winecfg, select alsa driver in audio tab * install linux-Kbuild for .29 * Add Quentin's repo to synaptic repos * Uninstall Alsa-Firmware (thanks Dave!) * Use origin button in synaptic to only show Quentin's stuff * Install .29.13 image * Install .29.13 headers * reboot, hit escape, select RT * Come back and harrass the forums ;) I should have some testing feedback today with some instruments and yes I will actually come back and post the results. ;) I really could have used a document that specifies how to install upgrade and get the darn RT kernel correctly in place. I reverted to 2.1 which doesn't even work anymore, gave up and came back to somehow realize I was never using the RT kernel. :( jonathan adams leonard