Gimp problem

Posted: Sun, 08/23/2009 - 23:11
I stumbled on a .deb package for Gimp 2.6.6. I installed...all was fine... then noticed that it was hanging up/freezing. I then found a release with a bug fix Gimp 2.6.7-1. OK! SO i installed this and it actually said nothing at time of install about dependency gimp will still open but I can't "fix" broken package problem without removing 64studio. I can't install anything else til this "broken" packge is fixed 1. how do i find what the dependency problem is? 2. it it removes 64 studio, can i just reinstall 64studio from synaptics without a full reload? Ideas?


  • 05/23/07
  • Sun, 08/23/2009 - 23:48
I went and forced removed gimp. reinstalled gimp 2.4 from repos AND reinstalled 64studio from repos. now all looks good but after synaptics has updated and reloaded etc i get this E: 64studio: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 any ideas?