FluidSynth fails to sintetize more 85% events generated by Drum machine ALESIS D4.

  • jedi00
Posted: Thu, 09/10/2009 - 10:21
I'm running fluidsynth/qsynth in a 64studio distribution. I'm generating MIDI events from a Drum Machine Alesis D4 directly to fluidsynth through a MIDI In port and fluidsynth fails to sintetize more than 85% of the hits on the PAD. Facts : 1- Fluidsynth is receiving MIDI events from every single hit on the PADs. (checked with amidi & fluidsynth -v) 2- Fluidsynth is able to reproduce every single Midi event if it's generated by a Midi keyboard or Virtual Keyboard. 3.- If I connect the Alesis D4 module to a Hydrogen dumr machine , it reproduce and sintetize every single stroke without problem. 4.- After do some debugging I have been able to see the following : MIDI Keyboard or Virtual Keyboard generate NOTE ON and NOTE OFF events , The alesis D4 only generates NOTE ON midi events. Thank you for the support , I'm facing a Live gig in less than 2 weeks and I would love to use fluidsynth and my new created midi instruments !