Laptop installation problems-.

  • cmay
Posted: Thu, 10/22/2009 - 05:45
Hi. I have a laptop that I found out can almost only run ubuntu and spin offs when it comes to linux - I had luck installing solaris 10 and Belenix but most distributions and systems like as example BSD wont install . There is no driver for the video card on the textbased debian installer and same problem with the 64studio beta.3 and the 2.1 installer . Is there by any chance a commandline option I could pass during install or how can I fix this problem. when ubuntu is installed it uses the generic driver and there is no restricted drivers for it.


  • cmay
  • 10/15/09
  • Sat, 10/24/2009 - 17:59
I was wondering can you simply not just put the 64studio in apt.sources for ubuntu karmic when its released. this is how I get ubuntu studio on it . But ubuntu studio is to be honest to my liking not comparable to 64studio .