emu1212m not recording.

  • cmay
Posted: Fri, 10/30/2009 - 00:51
I have used 64studio before with my emu card and was able to record. now I cant get it to work on a fresh install. the emu1212m not recording. I have sound out but no matter what I try I cant get it to record. audacity complains about latency problems and ardour wont record anything.. the emu 212m has zero latency problems if used on windows which I simply refuse to use because the mixer software is so horrible designed I cant use it . I was using two hours sometimes to get it to record and then again two hours for proper playback on windows back then . I am not good with computers for making music even that I know a bit about linux . I was using analog for most my recording and what I need is to get the demo tracks on computer for both burning to cd and a jamendo upload. 64studio is somewhere what a bit more easy to figure out and very easy when its working. But I am very stuck with the problem now. the version is 2.1 but dont think it matters much in this case.