installing 64studio 3.0 beta

  • mikef
Posted: Sun, 11/08/2009 - 15:37
Dear Folks, I had problems with the 64studio 2.0 and an NVidia graphics card I added to my PC. So I installed studio 3.0 beta instead. I am not sure if the installation worked properly. It didn't seem to create the user account correctly. It didn't seem to recognise the password. I tried to log in as root and for this it never asked for a password but it did let me log in. I tried starting the xorg xwindows by typing startx but it seemed to ignore this. I have been worried that there might be something wrong with the optical drive in my PC. It seemed to not want to read the part of the CD that installed the base operating system . I had to start the installation again and move to that part using the installer to get it to start to load the base system. In the installation I was only asked for a username and password not a password for root. Other installations I have done did ask for a root password. Could there be something wrong there? what is the command line interface command to create a username? Isn't is adduser? Regards Michael Fothergill


  • ethanay
  • 05/20/08
  • Wed, 11/11/2009 - 01:06
...64studio never asked me for a root password -- only a normal username and password my Ubuntu installations were the same way...i have never tried to log in as root -- i could always access the root directories with my username password if needed... i cannot speak to the other issues though! ethan