Alternative to Adobe Audition other than Audacity - Traverso?

  • confusion_music
Posted: Tue, 12/01/2009 - 14:12
Hi All I'm steadily migrating from windows to linux, but I still have one sticking point. A large proportion of what I do professionally involves using Adobe Audition and I'm just not finding Audacity offers what I need. The reasons I really like Audition are: 1. The edit view aspect of Audition doesn't use separate audio tracks and is not project based i.e. I open a .wav file edit it and then save (as apposed to export) as .wav or mp3 etc... This may not seem important, but in reality this provides a very fast work flow when combined with reason 2. 2. I can save custom scripts, so I open my .wav press ctrl+q and the file is normalised, trimmed and 5 secs of silence put on the end. Then I save straight to .wav and there is no messing with projects and project folders etc. 3. Its very easy to use markers to indicate potential points to cut and slice the audio file, I haven't seemed to get this worked out in Audacity, but I'm still very new to it. So can anybody suggests some alternatives to Audition that might be better suited than Audacity. Thanks, Bruce