My project using 64studio3 beta 3

  • dave67
Posted: Thu, 12/03/2009 - 18:49
I did pro music production computer for a friend long story short the music store knew he lost his pro tools 5 cd and they still sold him a upgrade for $180. the computer HD died with the software on it He is a collage student and what they did was wrong. so I will introduce him to to 64studio. We have had the time for him to come over and see the system but soon, before he does I need to understand how the programs enter act with each other and how to I myself am not a music composer Alex writes and records his own songs etc. I need to tech him about the connects that this system offers him. including qjack connections i will read the audio section of your manual but with me i might need more. I had a help from man in the Netherlands with this project and we installed the almost newest versions of some of the software and added more software I would attach a list doc but does not seem to be a option. and configured the system so far every thing is working as a desktop and jack works but testing has not been done as yet. without a pro audio card might be hard to test the midi sound and etc. any advice would help me :)