Hydrogen is gone! please help...

  • Ryan J.
Posted: Wed, 12/09/2009 - 21:28
First off, 64Studio has been very stable and perfect for what I would like to accomplish with a Linux audio distro (previously a Windows user and relative newbie to Linux). That said, things have been working quite well however, when I tried to assign multiple (individual) outputs in Hydrogen, once I hit the OK button Hydrogen shut down and will no longer open. Went to synaptic and did a complete removal and then re-installed however, when I try to launch Hydrogen it still does not open. I do not have this problem in Ubuntu Studio or AVLinux (which I must say is also quite nice), it only happens in 64Studio. I really want to continue to use 64Studio as i mentioned I am happy with the OS (even with using a beta version- 3.0beta3 to be exact) and if any possible resolve for my Hydrogen problem is out there it is greatly appreciated. Another problem I am having is with Ardour. I would like to use the Master Channel strip to insert, for instance, a Reverb that will "e"ffect my song globally however, I can not seem to have the signal get into the Master Track unless I connect the output of either a analog input -ie Mic input/output (or software synth output) directly to the Master. If I connect from the output of an Audio track into the Input of the Master track then out of the master into my stereo bus (M-Audio 2494 channels 1&2) I have no audio output (nor do I have any signal showing up in my Master Track Meter). Basic signal flow here not rocket science, right? Now that I have typed so much I just thought of one more concern I have, in my JACK control window the "RT" blinks on and off- what does this mean? no working realtime kernel? Your help is greatly appreciated. Ryan (the relatively content newbie) PS- If there are any audio distro Linux users in the Vancouver (Lower Mainland Area) BC, Canada that are interested in helping me that would be quite awesome- I am willing to pay for one on one instruction for Linux knowledge.