experience with beta version

  • cmay
Posted: Sat, 01/02/2010 - 19:29
i used the beta version 3-0 on and off for some time now. I installed it on the fastest machine I have which is four gigabytes of ram and its only a year old. with the emu1212m soundcard i own I never5 got it working proper but this is a matter that will be seen in all ditributions. solution is to wait to I can afford a new soundcard and use the old win-xp for the card on a other machine. which is fine by me even that i like linux far better as a system for everyday usage and did not use windows for long time-. this install here without the emu1212m card works every bit as stable as the comparing ubuntu distribution and I will be happy when the beta releases as stable. only small problem i have is that sound disappear from firefox sometimes- a quick reboot is needed to be able to stream television or wach youtube videos if a session is spend on using some of the music apps like ardour or audacity i noticed. it happens too often to be coincidense. I use this install as main system because I dont have the money yet to make it a whole complete audio production system which should not be connected to internet . as myy windows machine is never connected to the net. has two 120 gigabytes hard drives and runs only the few programs needeed to use the emu1212m cards software and nothing else. hardly use it for anything other than when i mix something down and play with cubase . I am thrilled to see the beta released. just thought I would give this feedback. regards. carsten.