emu1212m soundcard compatibility

  • cmay
Posted: Tue, 01/12/2010 - 01:32
I own the emu1212m soundcard and it does not work very well on linux. I can see on the alsa homepage there is limited support on the card as is , but I been searching very much for the status on the card and for other users experience. all hits are quit old and I was wondering how the card is working for others. I found some post from ubuntu forums where its claimed that everything works perfect but i can not get adat to work. and there is something with the samplerates that I seen most complaints about that the card does not work over 48.000 samplerate. I can not afford the m-audio delta 1010lt yet but as soon as I get my studio monitors I will start saving up for that card. Is there anyone here that owns a emu1212m card or does have some new information on the card. all google hits is very old. most from 2005 and that is not likely the status on the drivers are still the same. thanks .