3 old PC gives away for free.

  • cmay
Posted: Thu, 01/14/2010 - 09:34
I have three old computer standing I dont use. all in new cases so they look nice but are too old to be of much use other than using as a mailserver,hardware firewall or maybe use as office machine. the biggest has 2.00 gigahertz and 250 mb ram and the lowest specs are 300 mb ram on 600 mzh. as said they look new because I put them in new cases but are build from spareparts. I used them for learning programming and checking email . and one of them for watching a DVD time to time. off course there is no special soundcard or anything in them. your to have for free if you pick them up as is. Location is Denmark. unless you actually live close by they are maybe not worth the effort to get a hold on but the offer stands anyway .