studip expenrices

  • cmay
Posted: Sat, 02/06/2010 - 23:10
I was wonderinf how many of you users that made studio albums or simillar recording experiences in the past. or are doing somthing now outside home recording. What I would like to know is how it was like. how was the procedures and what did you learn from these sessions that would maybe be useful for others recording at home. I never been to a real studio for recordings but been in a few smaller studios and seen them . I also recorded in the scools studio using a old fostex 8 track machine and a 64channel mixer. so I know there is at least a differnece from semi pro and proff setups that differes from home set ups in various way.s the recording industry is being taken over by homerecordings more or sell as I see it now. computers made it possible for artist with the will and the talents to make their own al the way. this will mean better music in some cases for end consumers having th eartist control more than ever before . I seen a lot of videos on you tube and studied for at least fourteen days on these things fom various sources on the net and I would like to know about this some more from people that has been there and done that.