soundcard for laptops.

  • cmay
Posted: Tue, 02/09/2010 - 09:43
I have a new fostex mr8-hd harddisc recorder I got as demo model as less than half price. I regret buying this anyway because I could have gotten far more out of a good audio interface for my laptop in all ways. Can anyone reccommend something that is relatively cheap but functions with 64studio on a laptop. I will most likely try recording drums and jam sessions on it even that I know the projects will not be of superb quality this way but it will be far better than this fostex machine can offer anyway. I had hoped it was possible to use the usb connection on it realtime or the s/pfiff output realtime but it wont work. its useless as a mixer as far as I come to a conclusion up to now. one more thing is that even it will be at some time be able to use a external cd drive to burn a cd its still not able to export a single track at the time to pc which you have to export as a mixdown and thus the usage of this export function is limited to a more or less acurate mixdown in recorded 16but at 41.000 mzh that you cant manipulate much more than as a stereo strack in the pc. this I had not known or expected when I got the thing and I was also in a hurry to get a new harddisc recorder because the old one which I like using is starting to display signs of being used to much . its old. I had it for six years and used it almost every day in long periods. I can not afford to forfill my dream of getting a 24track hard disc recorder unit . even this is one of my greater desires for the near future. I use computers to mixdown and manipulate and create sounds. and burn the final songs to cd. I wish to use my laptop as recording solution for small ideas and if I go to the schools studio to record something. what can you recommend.