64studio 2.1 is obsolite :-(

  • totalchaos
Posted: Fri, 06/25/2010 - 22:06
Hello everyone. I regret to report that Debian etch is already obsolete version, which makes 64studio 2.1 also obsolete. Debian etch repositories no longer exist. Sad because it was the last really stable 64studio distribution. Version 3 got old before the opportunity to become stable and version 4 is standing somewhere in sight. I really hope the possibility of 64studio 2 repositories to add Debian etch packages, so that a stable version to survive a little longer, at least until the final version 4 came out. I hope 64studio developers also not turn back on Debian Linux, and we can enjoy a stable version based on Debian squeeze in the foreseeable future. Best wishes Biser