Problem On [[[ Samsung R525 ]]] Notebook; Afer install, first reboot completely hung up

  • _andy_
Posted: Tue, 11/23/2010 - 08:29
As above mentioned the installation is not finished successfully on my samsung R525 Notebook. the Installation-routine says - after normal installation process - something like "Ok reboot now ", but On the reboot the machine is completely hung up. Not even the hardware-button for switching off ist working. I have to draw the wire/cable ! ! !! I have installed 63studio on other 64amd machines successfully before. As far as i remember the installation in the failure-case didnt ask me where to locate the grub-loader ! unlike on other machine's installation. what a pitty, i like 64studio very much, but have now changed to Linux Mint 10. Sorry, dont have time for other evaluations on that occurance right now !!! andy