Recovering an ext2fs partition

  • johne53
Posted: Thu, 10/25/2012 - 08:40
I'm running quite an old version of 64studio on a machine that I rarely use nowadays. The machine has a separate ext2fs disk where I tend to keep my data. This morning I booted up the machine to find that almost all my data has gone! AFAICT the only entries on that drive are those that were in its root folder. All the subfolders are empty. I'm sure I'll have the data backed up but before I restore anything I'd like to try a recovery utility. Is there anything available for 64studio? BTW, the reason I stopped using 64studio was because the package manager (Synamptic?) stopped working. So a recovery utility that can be installed from a web download would be best.

synaptic was likely the

  • holstein
  • 03/03/10
  • Sat, 10/27/2012 - 05:06
synaptic was likely the pacakge manager. it was probably working fine.. it was the sources that the system was trying to use that would have long since died away. i would try and just force fsck on reboot... if there is a recovery kernel (assuming you are getting in that far) you can try that... otherwise, if you need data recovery, i usually use a live CD like which should have photorec, a nice tool that is part of if you have the data backed up, i would just pave over 64studio with something current and relevant.. enjoy...