Sound Blaster Live

  • deadgobby
Posted: Sat, 09/01/2007 - 17:28
I ran the Studio 64 live CD and cannot get the my SB live card to play. It is detected just fine if I input aplay -l I am glad it pick up the midisport card. No biggie if I gave to install the deb package for it. I want to play with the live CD first before dual booting with Ubie. Just Ubie studio is not the best right now. Getting jack to work is not been a fav of mine. All so to trigger off Zyn via jack is bad with ubie. I get poor trigger response and endless looping. Gobby

OK I figure it out. Wee Haa.

  • deadgobby
  • 09/01/07
  • Sun, 09/02/2007 - 04:12
OK I figure it out. Wee Haa. I started to play with the ALSA or sound settings. I went and tried a audio CD and see if I can get any sound. I did not. So I went into the sound volume controll, click on the switches tab and check and un check the IE958 box. Waa laa sound happen. Then started up Jackd. Link up the midisport to Zyn and plays like a charm. Hear all the sounds and I am kid agian.