AMD kernel image

  • myrddinemrys
Posted: Tue, 09/25/2007 - 14:51
I am upgrading from Debian Lenny. I've gone through the upgrade procedure and everything seemed to go okay. I'm ready to install a kernel image, but I'm not noticing an image for the k7 (amd) architecture, but only for 486. Is there an amd image?

Not so far

  • Daniel
  • 05/22/07
  • Tue, 09/25/2007 - 15:45
We have an amd64 kernel, but we have not yet built specific kernel packages for the various types of 32-bit CPUs out there. Despite the archaic name, the 486 kernel should run fine on your K7 hardware. You may get a slight performance boost from recompiling for k7, but please try the default package first.

thank you

  • myrddinemrys
  • 09/25/07
  • Wed, 09/26/2007 - 15:11
Working good so far. Thank you very much. I'll look into compiling from source later.