Freezing on 'Menu-File/Open (or 'Open In') when running su/sudo

  • funkster1
Posted: Tue, 09/25/2007 - 22:53
Hi, I have some problems where when I open i.e. Synaptic and try to 'Add downloaded package', Synaptic freezes at the menu prompt (menu stays open and doesn't move anymore). Same with gedit, when I try i.e. 'sudo gedit' and then from the toolbar menu 'file/open (or open from...)' freeze again. When I log into root for some system tweaks, sometimes gedit doesn't open at all, neither from the startmenu nor from command line. Does anybody have a clue what's wrong here (or potentially could be)? Or where/how I could look it up? Regards Raphael My System is an: AMD XP 2200+ on a ASRock K7NF2-RAID ATI Radeon 7000VE 64MB M-Audio Delta 1010LT Behringer BCR2000 Epson D88 Artec Ultima 2000 3x80 GB HDD LG DVD-RW

Cheers Quentin,thank you

  • funkster1
  • 05/26/07
  • Thu, 10/04/2007 - 14:10
Cheers Quentin, thank you for picking up on the 'su vs. sudo' question for me. It more or less confirms my thoughts about it. The freezing of the 'Open..' menu entry seems to be solved (at least that what it looks like) by changing the root password. I have read in another thread here on these forums that it could potentially lead to problems if you assign the same password to both your 'user' and 'root'. As for the inconsistencies, yes, 64 Studio is a specialising distro, and that's why we like it so much, don't we? But from playing around with a few other Debian based distros, 64 Studio doesn't always seem to behave the same. And although Free may have fixed some serious deb bugs, there are still a few left, some of which I have never experienced in other deb distros. Also, I don't seem to be able to get a really tight production environment out of it. Ardour, Rosegarden, MuSE or whatever app, never runs flawless for me. At some point they always crash. The whole system seems not very fast compared to my Win install (on the same system, dual booting). Yet I would really love to abandon Windows once and for all. Maybe it's all due to my noob state re: linux systems. I'm not really in the know yet how to fully optimise MY particular system. It's all so overwhelming, when all I want to do is get on with making music. Regards Raphael ;)

Thanks for your comment

  • funkster1
  • 05/26/07
  • Sun, 09/30/2007 - 03:51
Thanks for your comment Xavier, since I'm still quite new to *nix systems, I find that 64 Studio shows some inconsistencies over other Debian based systems. I have to look up what exactly dbus is/does. Meanwhile I have found that there seems to be a difference if you use 'su' or 'sudo'. Sometimes using one doesn't work but trying the other does the trick then. What is the difference between those two? Thanks a lot Raphael ;)

su vs sudo

  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Tue, 10/02/2007 - 21:37
Issuing the command su puts you in root terminal. You then have full admin rights and this should do anything you tell it to. sudo is a "run as root" mode, that allows you to run a single command or script as root. It is much safer in networked environments, which is why Ubuntu has disabled su completely by "removing" the root user. su is not unsafe if used correctly, and it is what I normally use to do Big Things (TM). Regarding perceived inconsistencies, 64studio has fixed a few serious Debian (etch) problems, and some packages are already back ported from lenny and sid. 64Studio is the only open and free Debian distro that specializes only in media creation application. I'll say it's a bit different! Cheers,

Freezing on 'Menu-File/Open

  • xavier
  • 08/05/07
  • Thu, 09/27/2007 - 13:00
Hi Raphael, fighting with this too. Try sudo dbus-launch gedit (or synaptic, nautilus...) Hope that helps.