XFS & LVM support?

  • baxter
Posted: Sun, 09/30/2007 - 05:39
Hi. It could just be my lack of familiarity with the debian installer (gentoo history here) but does the installation cd not support XFS or XFS under LVM? I'm trying to set up my 1420N (laptop) to dual-boot amd64 64 studio with my gentoo install. Quite a few of my root folders on my gentoo install have their own lv's (/usr, /tmp, /var, /home/, etc..) and I'd like to share /home and /tmp between the two distros but both of those lv's are formatted . XFS. I selected 'lvm' for the physical partition holding the volume group and activated lvm When I selected the lv I was taken to a menu which gave me the option to 'use as' but XFS was not one of the options. It actually appeared as though it had intention of formatting the partitions!!! Ack! I know I'm going to have an uphill battle with 64 studio installation just because I have some newer hardware that's not all fully supported in the 2.6.21 series kernel but this was a bit unexpected. Is there something I'm missing here? Regards and thanks, ~Bax