Virtualisation on 64Studio

  • tinivole
Posted: Wed, 10/03/2007 - 11:51
Hi all, I haven't gotten round to test this yet. But the videos are astonishing... You may or may not of heard of a product called Thinstall. But in few words; it's an executable emulator that, on a windows system, monitors the differences of the system and file directories before, and after an installation of a program. It then isolates the new/updated files/registries in what's called a "sandbox". From here, you can compile everything into a single executable file. For more detail, see: And the good news for lovers of WINE. This has also been tested to work on Linux programs too! Apparently, all what WINE has to handle is the some 400KB of data that is the Thinstall Virtualisation Program and Thinstall takes care of the rest of the app. Here is a video of Winword, Excel and WinRAR running on Ubuntu: If anyone has tried it, can you please give your views of using the product, thank-you. Iain


  • tinivole
  • 08/22/07
  • Sun, 10/07/2007 - 01:00
Hi, the answer to your question is yes (I torrented Thinstall overnight and started playing with it on my old win98 PC as of this morning). I've only got round to using 4 products of mine. Adobe Audition 1.5 Paint.Net 2.72 Line6 Gearbox 3.00 Guitar Pro 5 So far its kind of been hit and miss, but to demonstrate the difference between the Thinstalled product and installing it using wine. - Audition Thinstall - It freezes on startup. Wine Install - I've installed it using wine perfectly. - Paint.Net Thinstall - Doesn't startup, says its missing the .Net 2.0 Framework Wine Install - I haven't got Paint.Net to install on wine either. - Gearbox 3.00 Thinstall - Works perfectly, minus the hardware compatibility though :( Wine Install - As of yet Gearbox fails to install with wine. - Guitar Pro 5 Thinstall - Works Perfectly, 64studio doesnt recognise my SiS midi, so I can't hear any midi when playing. Though the RSE Audio engine works fine, A bit jerky in terms of keeping to tempo and needs a large buffer size so the output audio isn't clipping (I'm using the onboard SiS Audiochip btw, it may work just fine at low latencies, but all my equipment is in bags atm and I don't intend to open them). Wine Install - I have got the install to work perfectly fine, minus the midi and whats above. But thats just a first test, I'm sure if I play about with it I may get it right (perhaps alterating isolation modes so it is "merged" with the wine directories and registry. The less virtual I can can make the application, perhap the better? I have to test this though...) Conclusion: I think it can work, and work well. Wine still needs lots of improvements (as we all know), less work on the generic applications and start work on more specific and bespoke apps. Also I'd like to see work on drivers and the .Net framework :D. I can't really say much bout Thinstall. It's ability to work on all windows platforms is remarkable and they don't really endorse wine as a compatible platform anyway, but really great stuff. There are still lots a software can improve on, for example, emulating drivers (I really just want to use my Line6 Toneport UX2 on Linux sooo bad!). On the positive side, as I said in the first post, Thinstall copies the new/updated files and reg keys into a sandbox. This should (in theory) make it easier to install windows programs on wine without "installing". Just copy the files to their designated places (ie: "systemroot" into "system32", "programdir" into "program files", etc.) and add the registry text files to the wine registry, of which, out of convenience, they are split into USER, LOCAL and CURRENT. It should work, right? Iain EDIT: I'll have to do it next week, I'm off to the studio this week. But I'll post if I get anything to work. Also, if anyone else decides to torrent it (or get the 30-day evaluation install), please send your results of tested apps (if any), Thank-you.

64 Studio?

  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Thu, 10/04/2007 - 18:45
Have you tried it on 64Studio yourself?