All in One Parameter Save

  • DWJ
Posted: Tue, 10/09/2007 - 20:11
Hi everybody, after a few months im back to try & learn the software on 64 Studio. I really like this projects and performances are great... beside this using Rosegarden and Hydrogen isn't simple but not impossible. The only things that makes me doubtfull in front of comemrcial softwares like reason is that i can't find a way to save all parameters of software at the same time. So i have a file for Hydrogen, 1 for Rosegarden, 1 for the synth etc... Is there a way 2 have just one file 2 load? thanx in advance!!!


  • risotto77
  • 10/08/07
  • Wed, 10/10/2007 - 10:01
Not sure if LASH handles tha actual saving, but I think it aims to make it more easy to restore the settings from many audio programs. I have not used it my self yet so can not say hoe it works. It is bundled in 64 Studio so just try it out. Else there is a few programs able to do a lot inside the one program. For instance Rosegarden with DSSI synths (At least I think it can save the DSSIs settintgs?), maybe LMMS or Wired. Soon, I hope, Ardour will get midi editing too. Good luck playing R