USB audio/midi devices trigger USB driver failure

  • Silicium
Posted: Sun, 10/21/2007 - 18:20
Has anyone encoutered (and hopefully solved !) the following problem: During boot, "detecting hardware" freezes and needs a Control-C to resume init script. No USB audio hardware is detected, and lsusb freezes after saying driver is using the wrong IRQ. TCP configuration seems incomplete: after trying with several gateways, I can ping everything on the internet but FTP and HTTP clients are not able to connect to anything. Same problem with a second network card. After setting up a HTTP proxy on a PC on the same LAN, HTTP browsing and downloading was OK. However on W2K everything works fine. Hardware: Asus CUR-DLS, 2*P3/933, 1GB ECC, Mylex 170 RAID controller, hardware RAID0 with 6GB partition for 64Studi Audio hardware: M-Audio MidiSport 2x2, MobilePre (grey/blue version), X-session Software: 64Studio 32-bit 2.0, installed drivers from (download/configure/make/make install) because those older USB midi/audio devices are not class-compliant. The more recent class-compliant X-Session (control surface with MIDI I/O) had no more success (automatically detected in W2K - after driver install however since the original W2K USB audio class driver was bugged and connecting the X-Session resulted in a BSOD). I don't know anything about linux usb and alsa config and log files, where to look for debugging ? Thanks for any reply before I give up.