Adour plays back wav at higher pitch

  • aka_guitarist
Posted: Sun, 10/21/2007 - 22:46
When I play a wav file in Ardour the pitch is more than a semi-tone high. The wav was not recorded in Ardour. It plays correctly using aplay and doesn't seem to be drifting (slowing down and speeding up), it just is playing at a higher pitch (and possibly a faster tempo-I'm not sure about that.) Any suggestions as to what to look for would be appreciated. I've deliberately not listed a lot of system-specific facts and figures on the hope that there is one setting/configuration variable that will address it. Detailing the saga of how I have gotten to this point with jack/alsa/adour, etc will take some time and I'd just a soon skip it if I can. If it is necessary to solve the issue let me know and I'll add the needed info. Thanks in advance.

Sample rates

  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Mon, 10/22/2007 - 06:48
It is also good to remember that you have to work in the sample rate used in the majority of your source material, to have the least loss of quality due to sample rate conversions. (Unless you want to create a sound track for video - you'll want 48kHz then) Cheers

Problem solved. And as I

  • aka_guitarist
  • 10/16/07
  • Mon, 10/22/2007 - 02:23
Problem solved. And as I suspected it was self-inflicted. ;-) Add this to your "things not to do" list. In the struggle to get ALSA and JACK and my hardware to work, I made many changes to various settings in all of them. Settings that seemed to (mostly) work would stop working after a re-boot or even after just logging out and in again. I'll pass on elaboration on that now, since I don't want to emabarrass myself publicly twice in one day. So... DON"T DO THIS: Import a wav file into Ardour with JACK sampleing set at 44100 and then later change the JACK sampleing to 48000. The result was the pitch of the wav file was raised almost a whole step. The tempo may have increased but I was most concerned with the pitch change and didn't even check the tempo. There may be a better way to recover, but here is what I did to correct it: I deleted the track in Adour with the wav file in it and re-imported the original into a new track. Simple, but it took me a while to think about the conversion that must happen when a file is imported into Ardour. Hopefully I've understood the cause and effect at work here and haven't missed that some other factor is really to blame (like the phase of the moon, which is what I was beginning to suspect.) Let me know when I've reached my quota of dumb questions. ;-) Mark