Is it possible to install 64studio and another distrib on the same HD?

  • pamplemousse_mk2
Posted: Mon, 10/22/2007 - 22:18
Hello, My computer is installed with Gentoo. I would like to keep Gentoo on it. I have a partition dedicated to Windows XP which is never used. Can I install 64Studio on the XP partition, and make it share the same swap and boot partitions with Gentoo? i.e. I must skip partition making process and begin the installation of 64Studio from the package copy process. Or perhaps this is not possible and 64Studio must be installed from the beginning? Bye.

64studio uses GRUB. So Yes...

  • tinivole
  • 08/22/07
  • Tue, 10/23/2007 - 00:39
I suppose the answer would be yes. 64Studio uses GRUB as the bootloader. It autodetects all operating systems before installing it to your hd(0,0) partition. And if it doesn't, it isn't difficult to change the GRUB settings so it does include Gentoo in the startup list. I've once had Windows XP, Ubuntu Feisty and 64Studio installed on my system. All viewable from the startup screen (64studio being installed last) If your installing on the Windows partition, you have to reformat the windows partition (easy to spot, its probably going to be the NTFS partition), no partitioning is needed. Just change the "Use as" option to "Ext3", and your "Format" option to "Yes". Yes, you can share the Gentoo partitions too. Use the partition as a Ext3, Do NOT Format and change the "Mount" option to whatever you want. ie: "/gentoo" or "/media/gentoo". To make it vice-versa, its probably best to consult a gentoo forum, but mounting the drive while gentoo is running should be smooth. Right-clicking the drive in Nautilus (or whatever folder browser you use) and clicking "Mount" should work. And if you've given the drive a label (eg: 64studio) it should appear in "/media/64studio". But if you want it tied to a specific place, again its probably best to consult a gentoo forum. One thing to note is that in the installation process, it will reformat your swap drive. Whether this has any or no effect on Gentoo, I am not too sure. But if you want to stay on the safe side, perhaps creating a swap partition in the new empty space where the Windows partition used to be (64studio doesn't need no more than about 4GB i think, I'll re-check though) and changing the Gentoo swap drive from "Use as Swap" to "Do Not Use" This won't have any effect on your Gentoo distro, this just changes the way that 64studio sees your system. Hope I've been of help. If you got any more questions, just post ;) Iain


  • jamesbond
  • 08/19/07
  • Tue, 10/23/2007 - 13:21
To add: I have 64Studio-2.0 64-bit, 64Studio 1.3.0 32-bit, Ubuntu Feisty, and Puppy Linux on single 80-GB harddisk, all sharing the same 1GB swap space. Just before to select "manual partitioning" when you install any of them... Most of the time, I don't even need to add entries to the GRUB's menu.lst --- it's all automatic ! --------- Happy user of 64studio-2.0 amd64