Does ESD affect JACK latency?

  • jamesbond
Posted: Tue, 10/30/2007 - 08:12
So ... as above, do I need to disable ESD to ensure that latency is not affected? Does ESD have any effect on latency at all? I don't have any special hardware - only onboard audio (nForce 405 MCP61), which gives me 8ms latency with consistently zero xruns. My typical setup includes running Jack, QSynth, and Rosegarden with my MIDI keyboard. I have previously turned off ESD before for fear that it will interfere with Jack, but I recently turned it back on and I can't seem to hear any obvious, difference, however I do feel that the keyboard response is more sluggish (more latency). I can't verify this for a fact - I don't really know how to measure latency in setup like mine, so it could simply be a psychological effect. Any comments from the more experienced? Oh yeah - thanks for the great software which is 64studio! I'm running 2.0, 64-bit.


  • vovka
  • 06/12/07
  • Sat, 12/01/2007 - 23:32
well, with the onboard audio as yours it may have an effect. on a non-low-latency kernel it does 4 sure.