From Ubuntu Gutsy to 64 Studio

  • ttoine
Posted: Sun, 11/18/2007 - 22:13
Hey everybody, I would be glad to test 64Studio on my workstation, but during the installation, the installer can not find my sata disk on an asus motherboard with nvidia chipset (I built the computer around one year ago). So as Ubuntu is installed per default, I would like to know if it possible to go to 64Studio from Ubuntu Gutsy ? If not possible, how can I get 64Studio installed ? Thanks in advance. Toine

already seen

  • ttoine
  • 11/15/07
  • Thu, 01/10/2008 - 16:49
Yes, I saw it on the forum, I posted the first question about the lack of sata detection in the installer. I hope there will be a new installer soon, or the possibility to install from the live cd, like in Ubuntu. Toine

First things first

  • Quentin Harley
  • 05/24/07
  • Wed, 12/12/2007 - 21:26
Are you up to date with your motherboard's Bios firmware? This is what cased all my problems way back when. Hope it helps!

Hey, First, Thanks for

  • ttoine
  • 11/15/07
  • Wed, 12/12/2007 - 15:44
Hey, First, Thanks for answer. Untill recently, I was part of the Ubuntu Studio Devel team (doc and main audio hardware tester), and due to some misunderstanding with the team leader, I prefer know to be more independant, to see/test what other are doing. That's why I am very interested in testing how 64Studio is more optimized. At the moment, I tested the live cd with success. But both 32 and 64 bit install dvd don't find my sata hard disks (asus deluxe motherboard with nvidia chipset, raid is not activated). So, do you have any idea of what is the problem ? Is there another way to install so the system can find my disks ? Toine

BIOS Settings

  • angelsguitar
  • 12/22/07
  • Sat, 12/22/2007 - 10:23
Hi. I have not tried this, as I don't have SATA drives, but I read somewhere else in this forum about setting the SATA controller to IDE mode (or something alike), installing 64studio, the changing it back to SATA. Apparently it worked for that user (sorry don't remember the post). Maybe it could help. Update: Here's the post I talked earlier:

From Ubuntu Gutsy to 64 Studio

  • sirven
  • 07/25/07
  • Mon, 11/26/2007 - 20:38
What version of 64Studio did you try ? The easiest one would be 64Studio 2.0 (32bit) with Kernel 2.6.21. If this is still not working, it might be easier for you to go with Ubuntu Studio, that contains almost the same programs.