New user wanting to make live session clips

  • tobias
Posted: Thu, 11/29/2007 - 18:29
Hi, I'm a new 64 Studio and Linux user, coming from a Windows background there is a lot to get my head around. However, after years of not only working on Windows but also using it in the studio I've had enough. I started looking at the alternatives and decided to give Linux a go, after all there isn't that much else to choose from and if it doesn't work out I've not really lost anything. I also like the basic tecky nature of Linux and the availability of the source code for most of the apps, as a programmer and a bit of a geek having access to the code and the possibility of total customisation appeals to me (but that's way in the future). My main use for the studio is to remix and re-edit tunes that I perform in Ableton Live and to create my own fillers to progress between well known tracks. Obviously as Live doesn't work on Linux (I know there are people trying to get it working through Wine but as of yet unsuccessfully as far as I know) I will still need my performance laptop to run *sigh* Windows (maybe a MacBook in the future) but I'm trying to identify the easiest way to re-create the rest of what I had under Windows with 64 Studio. Basically what I want to do is import a tune in WAV or MP3 format, warp it so it plays in time with MIDI and then chop it up, add new bits, take loops and create new tunes from it (using other warped audio samples, virtual instruments and effects) etc. I then want to be able to select small 4 – 8 – 16 - ... bar loops that I can export as WAVs and copy to the laptop to import into Live for my sets. Some of the exports will be complete loops, others will be just a bass loop or percussion loop or whatever, often I need to mix various sections down before exporting as I only have 6 channels to play with in Live (Groove, Bass, Perc, Pad, Lead, FX), so, for example, I may need to export several percussion loops, one with just the hi's, then one with hi's and snares, then hi's, snares and claps etc. to recreate the progression live. Which of the packages that ship with 64 Studio or that have a newbie tolerant installation procedure (I'm computer literate but everything about Linux is new to me) would you recommend I concentrate my efforts on? Also, just out of interest does anyone know of a Live-esq app being produced for Linux? I read a post about using various tools to perform something similar, but the session view in Live is perfect and I didn't find anything that mimicked that. Anyway, thanks for your time and what looks like a great distribution. Paul